Visibility matters

Visibility in the context of development aid partnerships: trends, formal requirements and good practice.

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Find visibility manuals and logo guidelines issued by governments, foundations and other aid partners.


Conversations about visibility and its role in sustaining strong partnerships.

EU H 2020

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Communication and Visibility Manual for European Union-funded Humanitarian Aid Actions



Visibility hit or miss?

Is this World Humanitarian Day opinion piece by a former refugee turned agricultural scientist a visibility hit or miss?


Checklist: Naming your aid initiative for a visibility advantage

Months, if not years, of meticulous planning can go into designing a development or humanitarian aid initiative.

Yet a common mistake is choosing a title at the last minute. If you want your action to stand out, choose a title that will give your work a visibility advantage.

Why it pays to single out your aid partners

General public acknowledgement of partners is common. In some contexts, it makes sense.

But in today’s crowded operating environment, generic recognition of your development and humanitarian aid partners is often insufficient.

Aid partnership visibility basics

Three main considerations:

  1. Know who your partners are
  2. Understand their expectations
  3. Work together to achieve appropriate visibility

Does your partnership initiative involve a conflict zone or other fragile setting? If so, special considerations apply.